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Mosaic Coconut Milk (Non-Dairy)

Mosaic Coconut Milk (Non-Dairy)

After messing up a pretty straightforward recipe for mosaic jello, I decided to make a drink out of it instead! It was surprisingly good and I just had to share it. This would work so well as a punch at a party and is totally versatile if you wanted to add anything.

  • Prepare three flavors of jello packets by instructions. I used Pineapple, Cherry, and Blue Wave

  • 1-2 Quarts of Vanilla Oatmilk

  • 1 can of unsweetened coconut milk +2-3 parts water to coconut milk (I used about 2 can-fulls of water to fill my pitcher)

  • Tsp of ground cinnamon

  • Maraschino cherry juice for color and a hint of pink

  • 2 tbsp monk fruit stevia (or more if you like it sweeter)

Chill the mixture while jello sets. When jello is ready, just slice into cubes and stir. That’s it!

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