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Coachella Valley Date Shake (Non-Dairy)

Friends, this is my inaugural post on the website that I wasn't sure would ever come together and the blog that I didn't really want to happen. But here we are nevertheless, and I am so happy to finally be making Desert Honey come to life.

To celebrate, here's my first recipe: An indulgent date shake that is a regional treat where dates grow abundantly; the blistering hot desert of Coachella Valley and Palm Springs.

I made a version that is "lower" in sugar and dairy free. It's not quite as thick as the one's you may find at pit stops between Vegas and the middle-of-nowhere but it is delicious.


Hot water (enough to submerge dates in)

5 or 6 large dates (pitted or non-pitted)

Pinch of kosher salt

1 TBSP Golden Monkfruit ( a sugar-free brown sugar product, optional if you'd rather use the real stuff)

1/2 tsp of Saigon Cinnamon

1 Cup of oat milk (Or non-dairy milk of choice, I just wouldn't use cocoanut milk)

1 TBSP prepared espresso (optional)

Oatmilk Vanilla ice cream

Handful of ice

Method: Place dates in a heat proof bowl. Pour very hot water over the dates until just covered. Add The next 3 ingredients plus a dash of the cup of oat milk and let steep for 10 minutes.

Remove dates and place on a paper towel. Pinch the middle of the date and the large pit should come out easily. If you're using non-pitted, there's no need for this step.

Put dates back into the steeping liquid. Pour dates and liquid into a blender with 2 scoops of Oatmilk Vanilla Ice Cream. Add a handful of ice and blend until smooth. Serve immediately with sugared dates as a garnish.

I hope you enjoyed the recipe. Make sure to subscribe to my e-mail list and follow me on Instagram and TikTok so that you can follow along with all my tips and tricks!


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