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L.A. "Food Tour" Escargot from Petit Trios!

When I think about my favorite things I've eaten in L.A., the escargot at Petit Trois immediately rings that recall bell like nothing else. Everything I had there was fantastic, but this dish stands out because I had never had it before and always wanted to try it. Needless to say, I was floored by how good it was. This restaurant was small and intimate at the time that we went (not sure if they have expanded over the years), which lent itself to the feeling of being in a restaurant in Paris. I made a reel of the process on my Instagram page and joked about how I fell in love with the cook when he served it to me. I'm only exaggerating a little bit. You can't help but fall in love when you're in a gorgeous, cozy French restaurant and having some of the greatest food you've ever had in your life. Plus, a famous actor sat down next to us at the bar top and I felt like I had reached the glam life at critical mass.

In full fan-girl mode, I bought Chef Ludo's book while I was on the way out. The restaurant manager was super nice and just signed it for me knowing full well that I would eat that up, and I did.

I had a lot of fun making this dish. Escargot is actually really easy to make. The most trouble you'll have is finding the ingredients. If you want the pretty presentation with the shells, you'll have to purcharse them separately on Amazon. They are of course, not necessary, but I had to have them. You can actually reuse the shells if you boil them in salt water and dry them out. Good to know if you're hesitant about paying 16 dollars for a presentation. The snails themselves come canned from France, preferably Buragandy if you can find it. They're easy to order online as well. However, I was flabbergasted that no specialty food store in Vegas carried them but lo and behold; the Neighborhood Wal-Mart (the small one, not the big one) near my house had them. Well stocked, at that.

I hope you make these for your friends and family at your next special occasion or gathering because sexy French delicacies are in your vocabulary and everyone needs to see that firsthand. Make sure to have a baguette handy as well, for reasons pictured above. Bonne Chance!

Also, I linked the products I used below!



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