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Scottsdale: A Few Spots I Love

I am not a tour guide, but I spend a lot of time down here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Even though I've been visiting here for almost 10 years, I haven't even begun to try all of the great restaurants in this town. Here are a few of the beautiful and delicious places I've been the last couple of weeks:

Etta: Etta is such a beautiful restaurant, I could live in it or get married in it. They serve mostly American/Italian classics. Very delicious and all atmosphere

The Mission: Old Town

The original mission is connected to the oldest Catholic mission in Scottsdale. I wanted to take a tour but it was closed. I love the beautiful simplicity of old Catholic parishes and the restaurant next door is easily one of my most favorite Mexican restaurants in the world. The chef is incredible and you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The shredded short rib tacos and the chocolate churros with the milk shake definitely made me forget about life for a while.


Snooze is an adorable breakfast and brunch spot with retro/mod diner vibe. They have so many ridiculously decadent breakfast items. The pancake flight was amazing and they were ridiculously fluffy. It's one to remember and definitely a hangover cure.

Handle's Ice Cream:

I finally hit the lengendary Handle's and it did not disappoint. Creamy, stretchy ice cream decadence is never ever wrong. They have such tasty combos and I'll need to go back before I leave.

More to come as I eat my way around..


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