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My first cookbook, Desert Honey is finally here and available to purchase on Amazon in paperback and hardcover! I am beyond thrilled to have been able to bring this book to life and it wouldn't have happened without YOUR support. This project had it's ups and downs for me but at the end of the day, kind words and encouragement from you helped me make it a reality. I took some time away from my internet presence to give it my full and undivided attention and I missed you all a lot!

I dedicate this book to you, and my best friends, my mom and sister. It's close to my heart and full of my best go-to recipes. I think of it as what I would Google on a weeknight when I want to make something great, but I also don't want to do a lot of work (I usually don't!). It also looks back on some of my best food memories growing up and from some travels here in the U.S. and abroad. Most of the recipes are very simple but there are a few bangers for the weekends when you want to tackle a more challenging- but delicious-recipe. I hope you can use things from it forever and that you can feel the spirit of what I put into it. I am currently in the process of having the book professionally translated into Spanish so that it can be available and useful to many more of my precious readers. There's much more to come and I'm excited for what's in store from here! Click HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY! All my love,



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